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  • 4000m simulated altitude training class
  • Rapidly increase your fitness
  • Watt Bikes to measure your performance
  • Ex-professional cyclist as your coach
  • 4000m simulated altitude training
  • Loose weightand increase fitness quicker
  • 11:1 personalised or group classes
  • Safe, fun and intimate environment
  • Professional and qualified staff
  • Physiotherapy
  • Myotherapy
  • Pilates

High Altitude Training Melbourne

Weight loss, fitness and elite performance get there faster with melbourne altitude training


Gone are the days when high altitude training was exclusive to a fewer number of locations, and on top of that getting there would be a costly affair. Melbourne Altitude Training brings the benefits of high altitude training to the comfort and convenience of city locations, using ultra-modern simulation equipment accompanied by expert supervision that makes high altitude training not only feasible but also affordable for one all.

The artificial environment so created at MAT’s state-of-the-art facility mimics the environs of high altitude locations, which enables you to train more efficiently for quick, visible results. These simulated high altitude rooms cultivate an oxygen adjusted, enclosed arena, which can be optimized according to your ability to boost performance and drive results faster.

Melbourne Altitude Training is the largest high altitude training facility in Victoria, offering fitness aspirants an opportunity to train like Olympians, footballers and athletes of international acclaim.

Our high altitude trainer will make sure that you are on the right track and will take necessary measures to prevent any possible injury or mishap. During high altitude training, the most important thing to realize is when to put in all your vigor and when to make relaxed movements to give yourself some time until you’re ready to perform exercise with all your might again. Our high altitude trainer will guide you in this regard so that you are never too far from achieving your fitness goals.

High altitude training aims at various fitness attributes, including stamina building, strength boosting, muscle toning and fat cutting. It offers the best way to shed healthy pounds off your body and get that perfect, enviable shape in no time. Whether it’s high altitude cycling, running or any other form of workout, MAT has the best simulated settings to give you the true, complete experience of high altitude training.

Temperature can affect your workout regimens greatly. If you are working out under hot conditions, you are more likely to feel exhausted than you will burn calories. The heat will only cause sweating, which is nothing but loss of water and salts from your body. On the other hand, when you workout under colder conditions, all of your energy will go into burning calories plus retaining water content in your body for a long time, which means prolonged workout time and hence improved stamina.

We understand that high altitude training is not a regular workout program and you may as well have doubts and queries in this regard. Feel to free to get in touch with experts at Melbourne Altitude Training. We are here to help you out and make things simpler for you so that you could get started at the earliest and achieve your fitness goals faster.



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