Acclimatising to attitude is critical if you are planning on completing any major treks that require you to ascend to altitude. From 1500m and above where the oxygen levels will begin to drop below 17.6% (sea level=20%) your body will naturally begin to breathe in less air, therefore reducing your overall intake. We call this hypoxia (a drop in blood oxygen levels). So conditioning your body or acclimatising is imperative. Through simulated altitude training we aim to become hypoxic therefore improving our oxygen transporting capacity’s in the blood and overall producing more red blood cells (oxygen carrying cells) in the body to allow us to acclimatise and respond better to high amounts of fatigue at high altitude. Without acclimatising to high altitude there can be a range of negative physiological responses that include,

  • Altitude sickness
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness.

Therefore, It is vital that if you are planning on trekking/traveling to a high altitude destination that you acclimatise in a simulated altitude environment such as the facility at MAT. Through our specialised and unique programming style that we implement throughout our Altitude fit classes, this type of strength and conditioning training is perfect for individuals who are looking to acclimatise and prepare for a trek.

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