Melbourne Triathlon

Melbourne Triathlon

Melbourne Altitude Training provides specific programming within our altitude fit and cycling classes that are based to enhance the performance of triathletes. As our altitude Fit class is a multidisciplinary class incorporating cycling, rowing and running combined with our cross functional approach, it’s the perfect combination of endurance, strength, speed and power that will prepare athletes for triathlons.


  • Applying our method of triathlon training combined with the altitude factor will result in unseen performance gains. MAT’s high-intensity training approach has a wide range of positive physiological benefits that will improve your endurance capacity. As our Altitude Fit classes include 30 minutes of high-intensity training within our altitude chamber this allows for responses such as Erythropoietin which is the improved oxygen transport capacity in the blood. Overall the body will then, in turn, produce more red blood cells (oxygen carrying cells) that will allow for the body to become less fatigued under load, recover quicker and produce more output for a sustained period



As head trainer, Ozgur Begen understands the complete benefits of altitude training that helped him complete his 6 half and 3 full Ironmans since 2014. While also being apart of the technical official team of Triathlon Victoria, Oz understands the physical requirements that are needed for triathlons and has developed in combination with altitude training the best program design that prepares athletes for their upcoming events.


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