Clinical Pilates South Melbourne

Clinical Pilates South Melbourne

pilates-south-melbourne At Melbourne Altitude Training in South Melbourne, we provide profession and unique Clinical Pilates sessions on-site. Under the supervision of acclaimed physiotherapist and rehabilitation specialist, Sarah Begen, who has more than 15 years of experience as a qualified physiotherapist and more than 20 years as an elite athlete, coach and trainer, your sessions will be like no other.  Sessions are tailored to each individual’s personal goals, and can incorporate

-pure Clinical Pilates

-Pilates and gym based strength exercises

-Pilates and Altitude Training

With a special focus on longer-term rehabilitation that ensures 100% recovery, Sarah and her staff will tailor a program to suit your specific rehabilitation and injury-management needs. Right from self-managed home regimens to the use of our fully-equipped South Melbourne Pilates studio, gymnasium and even our Altitude Room, we have everything that it takes to keep your fitness and wellbeing on track.


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