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CALL - 03 9041 4168




/month – minimum 3 month

Unlimited attendance of Altitude Fitness Group Training. Benefits include:

  • Regular sessions throughout each day using the Altitude Room and MAT’s cutting-edge equipment
  • Attend as many or as few sessions as works for you.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Trainer guiding you all the way to your goal.

6 weeks High Altitude Travel Acclimatisation (see below)

Altitude Fitness Assessment:


1 Pass


10 Pass (8 week expiry)


5 pass

High Altitude Travel Acclimatisation is the ideal way to prepare for your trip to places like Everest Base Camp (and the top of Everest!), or perhaps even a skiing trip in Europe. We prepare many intrepid travellers, it makes a massive difference if you can enjoy your trip without altitude sickness!

  • Group ¬†training access
  • Special program to prepare you for the rigours of high altitude training
  • Training is tailored to your fitness and destination

1 hour session pass costs :


1 Pass (1 week expiry)


10 Pass (8 weeks expiry)


6 weeks unlimited

To be used within this time period

  • Train on pro level Watt Bikes at altitude
  • Year round good weather in our gym!
  • Increase oxygen carrying capacity in the blood = increased stamina and endurance
  • Increased economy and muscle buffering of exercise waste products (lactic acid) = increased efficiency and recovery capacity

per session

Looking for a personalised approach? At MAT we have world class fitness experts, accompanied by the very best in modern strength training expertise and equipment. Be guided to achieve the superior fitness and wellbeing with a personalised program that is professionally tailored to your abilities and goals.

  • 1hr session with your own personal trainer
  • Use of the altitude room to fast-track fitness
  • Personalised session targeted at your goals