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​Achieve your fitness goals quicker with our altitude cycling classes. Our cycling classes are a high intensity full 1-hour workout in our altitude chamber. These self-managed classes will be guided by elite bike specific programs that are provided throughout each cycling session. As each week a new program is provided, it will rapidly improve your fitness goals.

Benefits of MAT’S altitude cycling include:

  • Increase oxygen carrying capacity in the blood = increased stamina and endurance

  • Increased economy and muscle buffering of exercise waste products (lactic acid) = increased efficiency and recovery capacity.


Benefits of using Watt Bikes:

  • Use your cycling shoes for specificity

  • Improve pedal technique efficiency

  • Increase pedal symmetry

  • Measure and increase your power output


Altitude cycling classes and the Watt-bikes used are ideal for all types of athletes who are looking to build their athletic capacity as well as those who struggle to find time in today’s busy lifestyle and need to achieve more in a shorter period of time.


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