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Tailored small group sessions proudly focusing on functionality, specific strength building and cardiovascular fitness.

At MAT, we pride ourselves on our programming, no day is the same at MAT with our altitude fit sessions comprised of a diverse range of fitness genres, compiled into one time efficient, high-intensity class. We incorporate the best principles of traditional strength training, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning, plyometric and core training.

Our approach, our methodology and our systems in which we structure our programming around make us one of The most unique gyms seen.

The altitude Fit sessions comprise of 30 minutes of strength training in our sea level gym, in which we cover all the major lifts while heavily focusing on building core strength, dynamic power and functional strength. The session then moves into the Altitude chamber for the last 30 minutes where the emphasis relies heavily on metabolic conditioning. Build strength, increase fitness and do so at relatively higher rate compared to standard 1-hour sea level training sessions.

Altitude Fit classes are perfect for individuals who need to, acclimatise for mountaineering, build functional full body strength, increase cardiovascular fitness, lose weight and develop a consistent life long training approach.

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