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Sarah is our in house physiotherapist who has over 20 years of experience as an elite athlete, coach and trainer and has over 15 years experience as a highly qualified and recognised Physiotherapist. She has an absolute wealth of knowledge around injury prevention and management through Rehabilitation and Clinical Pilates. Sarah takes an individualised approach with all of her clients to ensure maximum recovery and tailors a program to suit individual needs. Her diligent approach with clients is an asset, as she not only uses a fully equipped and private physiotherapist room but also utilizes a gymnasium and high altitude room to ensure clients are reaching their wellbeing and fitness goals.  

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

A Physiotherapist is someone who helps you get the most out of life by improving your overall quality of physical movement. They support individuals to recover from injury, reduce pain, stiffness and increase your mobility to carry out everyday tasks.


Rehabilitation is a whole person approach that aims to achieve highest level of function by maximising your quality of life and minimising the need of ongoing support. Rehabilitation aims to restore function across physical, psychological, social and occupational needs. 


At Melbourne Altitude Training we take a holistic approach to tailor a program specific to your recovery needs.

When you book an appointment we understand everyone has different needs that’s why we have created a range of programs to suit your needs.


Sarah’s services

Physiotherapy consultations

  • Initial consultations (45min)

  • Standard consultations (30-40min)

  • Extended consultations  (50-60min)

  • Short consultations (20min)


Physio Fit Sessions
Individually prescribed sessions that are supervised by your Physiotherapist with a focus on building strength, Clinical Pilates and flexibility. Which are all in conjunction with our high altitude training room.

  • Initial consultation (45min)

  • Standard consultation (45min)

  • Group session (45min)

  • Independent program (up to 60min)


To meet Sarah and get your injury and quality of life back through improving your functional movement make an appointment today by e-mailing;


Or call 03 90414168

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